2020 Conference Theme

Oglebay Resort and Conference Center

   “2020: Eyes on the Future”


2020: Eyes on the Future;

Such an appropriate theme for this year’s public health conference.  It is with 2020 vision and focus that we serve the people of West Virginia as the guardians of public health.  Yes, that’s right, guardians.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a guardian? As one who stands guard and protects the greater good of the people in your community?  What an awesome responsibility!  Whether its clean air, water or safe food, immunizations or disease surveillance or an infinite number of “other things”; We are the gate keepers of the public’s health.

As I think toward the future of Public Health in West Virginia the first thing that comes to mind are all the constant, sometimes overwhelming, challenges that we face on almost a day to day basis.

Then I think of you, the guardians, the servants and protectors, the educators, the gatekeepers of Public Health and I become confident that these challenges will be met.  I am reassured that with the talent and the commitment and dedication, the solid partnerships that have been built, that with a steady hand, “We’ve Got This!”

I am proud and humbled to be just one small part of this GREAT TEAM and I truly look forward to seeing you all at Oglebay Resort and Conference Center this September.

 President Boyd 2020

WVPHA HISTORY1920-present

Any person shall be eligible for membership who is engaged in the practice of public health, either directly or indirectly, or who is interested in advancement of public health. 

Promoting better understanding of the concepts of community health with special emphasis upon prevention of illness and promotion of well being.