2020 Conference Theme

Oglebay Resort and Conference Center

   “2020: Eyes on the Future”

Message from the President
Hello, and welcome to the West Virginia Public Health Association. Our goal is to promote a better understanding of the concepts of Community Health with a special emphasis on prevention of illness and promotion of well-being. Public Health is an ever changing profession. As public health changes nationwide, we must be able to change with it to stay ahead of the next outbreak or the next public health emergency. I would like to praise the hardworking and dedicated public health workforce in the state of West Virginia that works tirelessly to make sure we are able to do just that.
I am very excited to serve as President of this association and look forward to working with all members to make West Virginia a leader in Public Health. Later this year we will host the 95th Annual West Virginia Public Health Association Conference at Canaan Valley State Park in Davis, WV. The theme for the conference will be “Public Health: Building Partnerships”. As public health professional, we are on the front lines when it comes to protecting the future of the citizens we serve. I am very proud to say that I am a public health professional and very proud to work a long side so many dedicated individuals with the goal of protecting the health of our communities. Public health partnerships are vital to improving the health of our state and the West Virginia Public Health Association is dedicated to partnering with federal, state and local officials to make that happen.
Thank you for your continued support and thank you for your dedication to protecting public health in the great state of West Virginia.​
VJ Davis, WVPHA President

WVPHA HISTORY1920-present

Any person shall be eligible for membership who is engaged in the practice of public health, either directly or indirectly, or who is interested in advancement of public health. 

Promoting better understanding of the concepts of community health with special emphasis upon prevention of illness and promotion of well being.