The Executive Council voted to cancel the 2021 State Public Health Conference at Oglebay Resort, Wheeling, WV in September due to the on-going pandemic.  

The next fall conference will be held at Olgebay Resort September 20-23, 2022


Good Morning Friends and Colleagues,
I hope these thoughts find you well.  
I spoke to a fellow administrator on the telephone recently and asked upon greeting, “How are you doing?”  His response, in sort of a serious tone, “OK today.”  Those two words spoke volumes about what we have been going through now for more than a year and a half; OK today but still not sure of what tomorrow might bring.  Uncertainty is a tough condition to live with.
As a 28-year Army Master Sergeant, military metaphors come quite naturally for me; We have won many battles during the last several months and have successfully adapted as we moved through many different phases of this pandemic, but while we are winning battles, the war isn’t over, YET.  It’s been an uncertain world for us, in which, the only constant seems to be change.  The good news is that while the war is not yet over, in the end we will WIN!  And, as for today at least, We’re OK.
Traveling Toward Normal – Destination Unknown
General William Tecumseh Sherman once said, “War is hell.” I’m adding, but peace time can be a son-of-a-gun.  Returning to normal might not be easy but at some point, it is necessary.  Hopefully, that time is now.
We recently held a zoom meeting of the Executive Council and section leaders with the overriding purpose to re-establish operations and transition back to peace time duties, like delivering core/basic public health services and planning an in-person conference.  Toward that end we want to resume in person meetings as we plan for our annual conference at Oglebay in September 2022.  And very importantly, solidify our leadership to begin our journey back to regular operations.
Below is listed the leadership as we know it right now.  Please let Danya or me know if there are any changes.  Also, we would like a quick update from each of the sections regarding your plan to again return to business as usual.  After almost two years, we probably have a lot of catch-up work to do.
Executive Council Members:
Boyd Vanhorn – President
Julie Miller – President Elect
Annette Santilli – Vice-President
VJ Davis – Immediate Past President
Danya Canterbury – Secretary
Bill Kearns – Treasure and APHA Delegate
James Casdorph – APHA Alternate
Renee Swisher – Member at Large
Jeff Fowler – Member at Large
Angie Gray – Member at Large
Committee Leadership
Ads/Exhibits – Bill Nestor
Awards – V.J. Davis
Bylaws – Linda Sanders
Conference Planning – Julie Miller
Educational Scholarships – Mark Whittaker
Fund Raising – Boyd Vanhorn
Historical – Karen Pauley
Legislative and Resolutions – Christina Mickey
Nominating – Jimmy Casdorph
Public Health Awareness – Boyd Vanhorn
Public Information – V.J.  Davis and Danya Canterbury
Scholarships to Conference – Bill Ours
Section Leadership:
Dental – Unassigned
Environmental Health – Jennifer Hutson and Keith Allison.
Health Administration /FOCT – Eric Walker.  
Lab/Epi – Unassigned
Public Health Nursing – Stephanie Moore, Angie Gray, Shannon Harding
Onsite Professionals– Lynn Brashear
Professional Clerical – Tami Davis and Renee Swisher
Public Health Retirees – Sandra Perry
Student affiliate – Audra Hamrick –
Association of Local Health Departments – Julie Miller and AJ Root
In closing, we must stay focused and guarded, but we also must begin our journey down the road toward NORMAL.  I’m very proud to stand among this esteemed group of Public Health servants and honored to serve as your President during this difficult time.  You folks are soldiers and the tip of the spear.
“First to Arrive, Last to leave.”  I salute you!
Boyd K. Vanhorn

WVPHA HISTORY1920-present

Any person shall be eligible for membership who is engaged in the practice of public health, either directly or indirectly, or who is interested in advancement of public health.