​Friends and Colleagues,
WOW, I must say a year ago, I did not see this coming. Sometime in March, life as we knew it
changed and COVID became a word with daily usage. Our jobs changed, and the world of
Public Health intensified to a level not seen before in our lifetime. I hope all of you are doing
OK as we all go through this together.
First, a quick update. As of now, we are planning to hold our 2021 Conference at Oglebay
Resort and Conference Center on Tuesday, September 21 thru Friday, September 24, 2021.
Let’s hope that we are out of the COVID woods by then. The executive council and conference
planners will meet in February 2021 to begin planning; that date TBA. I am hopeful we can
meet in person by then and begin, or perhaps, celebrate a return to our usual routine.
Earlier this year the Executive Council opted to retain the current Association leadership
through 2021:
Boyd Vanhorn – President
Julie Miller – President Elect
Annette Santilli – Vice-President
VJ Davis – Immediate Past President
Danya Canterbury – Secretary
Bill Kearns – Treasure and APHA Delegate
James Casdorph – APHA Alternate
Renee Swisher – Member at Large
Jeff Fowler – Member at Large
Angie Gray – Member at Large
I want to sincerely THANK each of you for taking on these important leadership positions.
All sections, please continue planning and thinking how you can provide required training and communication with your membership. As we move forward, your ideas are always welcomed and appreciated, so feel free to make suggestions to leadership as we rebuild and return to business as usual.
In closing, remember; “The show must go on,” “Caution is your friend. Fear is your enemy.” And
most important of all, “This too shall pass.”
Your friend and President,
Boyd K. Vanhorn
Administrator, Grafton Taylor Health Department

Any person shall be eligible for membership who is engaged in the practice of public health, either directly or indirectly, or who is interested in advancement of public health. 

Promoting better understanding of the concepts of community health with special emphasis upon prevention of illness and promotion of well being.

The Executive Council voted to cancel the 2021 State Public Health Conference at Oglebay Resort, Wheeling, WV in September due to the on-going pandemic.  

The next fall conference will be held at Olgebay Resort September 20-23, 2022

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