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​“Public Health Back in the Saddle: Together Again”
The West Virginia Public Health Association is pleased to announce the 96th Annual Conference to be held at Oglebay Resort and Conference Center in Wheeling, WV on September 21 – 22, 2022.

Message from the President
Boyd K. Vanhorn
After a two-year COVID hiatus, I could not be happier to announce the upcoming 96thAnnual WV Public Health Conference.  These have been some of the toughest years for us in public health, more so than any of us would have imagined only three years ago. We endured and we survived.Sometimesby sheer tenacity and determination but here we are.We made it! Good job!
So, as we press on into the future, having just persevered some extremely difficult times, emotionally and physically, my dadwould have offered this advice; “When you get thrown from the horse; get up, dust yourself off and “Get back in the saddle!”Perseverance is a virtue.
Another observation about what we have endured during this public health pandemic is the isolation from each other and separation from many parts of what we all once considered normal life.  I learned just recently that the most commonly used phrase of 2021 was, “You’re on mute.”As we adjusted to our “new normal,” in person meetings became non-existent and ZOOM suddenly became the replacement, practically removing the social and human element.I’m ready and I’m excited about having in person relationships again.
Its time!  Its time for us to get Back in the Saddle and Get Together Again? Join us at Oglebay this September.

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Agenda for 2022 WVPHA Conference

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